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Business Services And Litigation

Murfreesboro Business Services & Litigation Lawyers

Helping Your Tennessee Business Thrive

The Murfreesboro business services and litigation attorneys at Santel | Garner have a wide range of experience representing local and national businesses both as outside counsel and in litigation. Whether looking to start up a new business, acquire an existing business, or litigate a dispute with another company or individual, it is important to get the right legal advice and counsel.

Our business attorneys have experience with the following types of business matters:

  • Asset purchase agreements/mergers and acquisitions
  • Business formations (LLC, corporations, non-profits)
  • Defending business owners and employees in non-compete litigation
  • Defending corporate entities against claims of fraud and breach of contract
  • Employment agreements, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements
  • Enforcing contractual terms in business-related agreements
  • Enforcing franchise agreements
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements for services, real estate, franchise, investment, IT-related services, and sales

If you or your business requires legal counsel and/or representation, our team has what it takes to set you up for the results. We are also available to help with employment law matters.

Call (615) 987-0268 to discuss how we can help your business succeed. Hablamos Español.

What Is Business Law?

Our Murfreesboro business services and litigation attorneys are well versed in business law, which is also referred to as commercial law. Business law covers legal issues and procedures regarding commercial matters, such as employment, sales, lawsuits, taxes, bankruptcy, antitrust laws, and more.

There are two main categories of business law:

  • The regulation of commercial entities, and
  • The regulation of commercial transactions.

Since so much about running a business is tied to the law, it may be wise to hire an attorney to act as a legal advisor as early as the moment you conceive of the idea to open a company. A lawyer can be a great asset, as they can explain your legal rights, offer relevant advice, and officially register your company. This way, your lawyer can ensure your business is protected from the beginning—and if and/or when any legal issues arise, they can step in and set out to resolve them right away.

However, many business owners are fine making it on their own until a sudden legal issue arises, such as another company breaking a contract or being faced with a class action lawsuit. If you own or work with an already established business and you require an experienced legal advocate to step in and fix such a situation, we will be there for you then, too.

If you’re unsure whether your commercial legal matter requires the assistance of an attorney, feel free to give us a call to discuss your case over the phone or via a video call at no obligation.

Contact Our Business Services & Litigation Lawyers to Learn More!

Have you been meaning to incorporate an existing business, or start up a new one? Now is a great time to plan for the future of your business. Please give us a call if you have questions about LLCs, startups, contracts, or any other business planning needs! We are also happy to advise established businesses on commercial legal matters and represent companies who are faced with litigation, whether as a plaintiff or a defendant. Our business litigation team will stand up for your rights and do whatever it takes to ensure the future of your business is secure.

To discuss your options during a confidential and no-obligation consultation, call (615) 987-0268 or send us a message to get started. 

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