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Weapons Crimes

Murfreesboro Weapons Crime Attorneys

Under Tennessee law, certain restrictions apply to the right to possess weapons. These laws govern what types of weapons are allowed and when and where they can be carried. If you are facing a weapon charge, a Murfreesboro weapons crimes attorney from Santel | Garner can provide the professional legal representation you need to fight these charges. 

Weapon Crimes in Tennessee

Tennessee law prohibits the average person from owning or carrying some weapons altogether. Prohibited weapons include explosives or explosive weapons, machine guns, short-barreled shotguns, and gun silencers. Possessing these prohibited weapons constitutes a felony and carries penalties of one to 30 years in prison. Switchblades and metal knuckles are also prohibited and, if found in your possession, may result in a misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up to one year in jail.

Another Tennessee law involves the unlawful possession of a weapon, such as a gun, a knife with a blade longer than four inches, or a club, with the intent to use it. This law is rather unspecific and unclear and, if you are charged with it, can be challenged. Many weapon charges can be challenged because of their subjective nature. You may be accused of possessing an illegal weapon on a charge that will not hold up in court, which can result in the charges being dismissed. Other weapon charges may result from carrying a weapon when prohibited by court order from doing so, such as someone convicted of domestic violence or who is on probation.

Whatever the circumstances of the weapon charges you are facing, our Murfreesboro weapons crimes lawyers will thoroughly investigate the case against you to create a competent legal defense.

Facing weapon charges? Contact our Murfreesboro weapons crimes attorneys today.

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